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The mission of Estonian Fairs is to create and organize communication projects that improve the flow and availability of information in a certain subject field and develop capability of Estonian entrepreneurs as well as the people's knowledge about full high quality life. Events organized by Estonian Fairs are based on WEBEXPOLIVE fair format:

Estonian Fairs and Eesti Messid is a registered trade mark in The Estonian Patent Office. 



Name of the company: Eesti messid OÜ
Estonian Business Register code: 12746124
EMTAK: 82301
VAT code: EE101771940

Phone: +372 554 3000

Legal address: Peterburi road 2c, 11415 Tallinn
Postal address: P.O.Box 417, 10504 Tallinn
Office address: Tallinn, Peterburi road 2c, ground floor (entrance: Ülemiste road 3A)

Invoices and accounting: +372 5656 0202

Web (eng):
Web (est): 

See Estonian Fairs TV-shows and videos:


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A globe-shaped spiral ribbon in the colors of the national flag of Estonia symbolizes the capability of Estonian entrepreneurs for successful activity in the Estonian domestic market and also abroad.

It is suggested to use the logo on a gray background, in order for the lighter parts of the sphere to become distinctive. The tone of the gray background is defined as 40% black or C0;M0;Y0;K40; in process colors

 Estonian Fairs (transparent PNG)
 Estonian Fairs (vector PDF)

In the international market we use our brand name Estonian Fairs & Conferences.

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 Estonian Fairs & Conferences (transparent PNG)  
 Estonian Fairs & Conferences (vector PDF)

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No one hungry: Estonian Food Bank (Eesti Toidupank). As organizers of the Estonian Food Fair - Bon Appetit!  we support Estonian Food Bank.

To keep everyone healthy: Muru Tournament (Muruturniir). In sports we support Koit Muru Memorial Tournament in honor of Koit Muru, the legendary badminton coach. Everyone can participate:

More good Estonian culture: Golden Disc (Kuldne Plaat). We support recognizing Estonia’s most successful authors and artists - organizing the pop music Golden Disc Awards:  

More good Estonian instrumental music: "Autoportree" ("Self Portrait"). We support publishing of Tõnu Aare's instrumental music album series "Autoportree" because good background music is a small but important part of every successucl fair.