Energy Fair


Welcome to the Energy Fair!

The purpose of the Energy Fair is to educate the people of Estonia who are exposed to energy consumption and to foster (energy-)efficient and wise behaviour with respect to the skills needed in everyday life. To this end, Estonian Fairs, in collaboration with partners in the field of energy, will organise a trade fair and produce a television programme. The study materials of the Energy School for the People of Estonia will be made available on the Fair’s website and social media.

To exhibitors

The comprehensive Energy Fair, with its free admission to visitors and attractive location, provides a good opportunity for businesses in the field to meet with clients in order to demonstrate products and services, as well as to get immediate feedback and to make sales.

The Fair welcomes the exhibitions of businesses engaged in the following areas: boilers, radiators, underfloor heating, heat pumps, radiant heating, solar heating, wind energy, fireplaces, ventilation, heat exchangers, expansion tanks, pipes, filters, chimneys, district heating, water heaters, engineering, safety, and other topics related to energy use.

Good reasons to participate in the Energy Fair:

  • Energy Fair is an event for professionals in the field of energy and heating;
  • Visitors attending the Fair will be the right target group, who are the owners and operators of both private and apartment buildings interested in issues of energy and looking for solutions to heating problems;
  • Exhibitors will gain publicity in media: social media and the television programme;
  • The Fair will take place in an attractive and easily accessible location;
  • For visitors, admission to the Fair is free;
  • For exhibitors, participation in the Fair is reasonably priced;
  • The content and structure of the Fair are oriented with precision: only businesses active in the field will participate;
  • Finding information and entering into agreements will be easy for clients;
  • The Fair will be short in duration while there will be sufficient time for people interested to obtain information;
  • The Fair’s lively party will allow one to relax and develop useful contacts;
  • Communicating with the organizer of the Fair is easy and productive.

To participate, please contact us! The number of exhibitors is limited!

To visitors

The Energy Fair will showcase the latest products and solutions for heating, cooling, and ventilating both private houses and apartments, as well as for energy conservation. The Fair will feature “The Energy School for the People of Estonia” training programmes for the general public, which consist in the sharing of knowledge and practical skills necessary in everyday life.

The exhibitors at the Fair are businesses and organisations in the field of energy. Everyone with an interest in the topic is welcome to attend the Energy Fair. Admission is free!

Visitors to the Fair will receive answers to all heating-related questions. It is often the case that one question leads to another, and, in order to find the best solution, the opinions of several experts are needed, as well as a chance to examine and test the technology itself. The Energy Fair will feature both know-how and technology in practical use. Here is useful information for everyone. See you at the Energy Fair - Heat up!

Reet Sink
Organizer of the Energy Fair, +372 505 8300 (languages: EST, ENG, RUS) 

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